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finding help

Help begins with an initial consultation. Often when the concerns are about a child the parents will come to meet with therapist on their own for the initial meeting.

The purpose of the consultation is to get a detailed picture together of the difficulties that are causing concern and for the therapist to advise on whether psychotherapy is likely to be the most effective way of helping with the difficulties.

Adolescents would often come to the initial consultation with their parents. The therapist would think with the adolescent and their parents about whether to have all of the meeting time together or whether it might be helpful for the adolescent to have some time with the therapist on their own.

Older adolescents and young people most often have an initial consultation with a therapist on their own to think about their concerns and the help that they are seeking. However, they are welcome to come with a parent or parents if they would prefer.

Consultations are usually about an hour in length. Sometimes a further consultation meeting is needed to work out a best way forward.