support for parents

Being a parent is full of challenges that change as children and adolescents grow and develop. Problems ordinarily work themselves through with the support of family and friends. Sometimes a child might be experiencing difficulties that do not seem to improve with time. The difficulties might relate to troubling experiences that the child and their family have gone through. The difficulties might also relate to the child finding the ordinary pressures of  'growing up' really hard to cope with. Common concerns are:

  • low self-esteem and lack of confidence
  • eating difficulties
  • anxiety
  • obsessional thoughts and ideas
  • angry outbursts and challenging behaviour
  • being depressed
  • problems making friends
  • difficulties at school
  • problems with learning
  • self-harm and suicidal thoughts
  • sleeping problems

When faced with such difficulties it could well be appropriate to seek therapeutic help and support. Receiving help presents an opportunity to work through the difficulties and enable your child to begin realising their potential.


a space for enabling change

The therapist will initially offer a consultation to parents. The purpose of the consultation is to get a detailed picture of the concerns together and to work out what help might be needed. Some times a single consultation is enough for parents to feel confident about being able to support their child through the difficulties they are experiencing.

On other occasions a series of meetings with parents over time is needed. The therapist and parents work together to develop a deeper understanding of the child's problems and identify the different ways in which the child can be helped to overcome the problems that they are having.

The initial consultation might indicate that the child or adolescent would benefit from individual psychotherapy. When individual psychotherapy is needed the parent work would continue alongside. The therapist and the parents would be working in partnership to help the child work through the problems that are causing them distress and concern.

Child and Adolescent Psychotherapists bring their expertise in the emotional development of children and their understanding of therapeutic help and support. Parents bring their deep understanding of their own child as well as their potential for developing new ideas. Together we can create a space that enables change for your child.


further information for parents

The Association of Child Psychotherapists produced a publication for parents that might be of interest to you. It gives more detail about Child Psychotherapy and the ways in which Child Psychotherapists can help.